So, today is 14th of February and unless you are really out of the loop, you should know that most countries celebrate St. Valentine’s day also known as the day of love. The historical St. Valentine was a before schism third century Roman priest that. During the High Middle Ages, the day on which he is commemorated - 14th of February, became associated with Courtly love and that tradition evolved in today’s day about all things love, cuddling, plush toys and chocolate boxes. We shall however not dwell more on that, because there is very little confirmed historical info about this person. Those of you who don’t have a person with which to celebrate St. Valentine’s day and feel blue about that should know that in Bulgaria 14th of February is also the day of people who make wine, so you can sit quietly at home and drink wine whilst watching “Vampire Diaries”. Just make sure you watch episodes with Katherine in them. :)

And after that charming introduction - it is now time to go to business. Recently we announced that on 14th February we will make one of our paid Android icon themes free in this blog post and we gave you the ability to choose which one by voting for your favourite on Google+..

Numix Fold icon pack FREE

The results of the poll showed that the majority of you would like to get our fold icon pack for free and because we love you more than how young Clark Kent loved Lana Lang we kept our world and we made the icon pack free. So, what are you waiting for - GO GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY!

Get it on Google Play

And to conclude this post, here have a photo of St. Valendtines day toy. Although, to be honest it can also represent how bears born near chernobyl look like. :>

Numix Valentine's Day


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