If you’re reading this, it means that we’re already dead and you’ve 3 days to save the world from Dalek invasion. Help the world, Numix users, you’re its only hope!

Ok, we are kidding, although you never know when those plungery bastards will invade us. :-)

Now, lets be serious for a difference.

So, this is our official Numix blog and in it we will post important announcements, interesting stories about numix, karaoke versions of us singing “Let it go” and anything else we think is blog posts material. It goes without saying that you should keep and eye on the blog and interfact with us in it. We hope you will have enjoyable time and our blog and find it useful, informative and even slightly funny.

We also updated our main website with a link of our blog:

Numix Website Image

This concludes our first post, see you all in the comments here and on various social networks and of course in the next post.


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